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Time to Move On | Glenbrooke News

Bringing Neighbors Together

Time to Move On

moving bikeGlenbrookeNews will be closing.  Since the election is over and the proposed annexation is water under the bridge, it time to settle into a resident controlled association.    It has been a journey of almost five years for me and this neighborhood blog.  Bear with me for Glenbrooke’s Swan song.

GlenbrookeNews was started in August 2009 (see first post below).  Here is a snapshot of that point in time.

Jim and I were new to Glenbrooke and Elk Grove - we did not know a single soul.   My world had been turned upside down 2 years earlier with a major brain injury resulting in many cognitive, and visual deficits, and limited mobility.  I required Bailey, my wonderful service dog, just to be able to go out of the house.    I was tired of  rehabilitation exercises that seemed demeaning and boring  - and I was scared I was no use to anyone.   GlenbrookeNews helped me adjust to who I am today.  Obviously I will never be the same as before the stroke.  Today, I  accept that.  I am a work in progress and am grateful for every day.

But, back to 2009...

On August 12, 2009,  Glenbrooke Board of Directors passed a ‘media policy’   that left a huge void for communicating with neighbors, learning about community events at large, discussing and  adjusting to living in an HOA, exchanging information on a timely basis or working through the bumps in a newly formed community. (Read that Board Resolution HERE).

So with  the encouragement of my dear Redding friend, Doni Chamberlain, of ANewsCafe and the support of  Jim, I started ‘my little neighborhood blog’  On August 20, 2009.     My vision was for  GlenbrookeNews to fill a void left by the new policy, to help me with cognitive skills and hopefully to help neighbors get to know each other  and build a stronger community.

Because of the wonderful support from neighbors and contributors, we grew a surprising amount each year  averaging 92 page views per day (pvpd) for that first 6 month period.   In 2010 we averaged 151 pvpd; 2011 showed growth to 194 pvpd; then in 2012 we jumped to 262 VPD.  For the first three months in 2013 we averaged 349 page views per day!

I was hoping that I would be able to continue publishing GlenbrookeNews until the neighborhood was  fully built out; but Glenbrooke is a very busy place.

We’ve made many new friends and I am blessed to  have two new knees that allow me to walk (with the other hip replacement  scheduled July 1st).    We recently moved into a larger house in Glenbrooke and I am really enjoying  it, the backyard, porch and my new elevated garden beds.

Oh, and did I mention we are getting a new puppy?   Yes, now that Bailey doesn’t need to go everywhere with me - she gets so lonely!   Yes, it will be whippet,  a girl,  the estimated whelping date is 7/13/13.   I have been waiting 2 years for this breeding:)

So you can see GlenbrookeNews is no longer the only thing to occupying  my time.   My world has now expanded outside the neighborhood and it’s time to move on and  live my life to the fullest.

Again, thanks to everyone who contributed, suggested a story, read, or commented on GlenbrookeNews.

All the best,

Darcie Gore

P.S.   Don’t forget to register for Meetup.com  Glenbrooke Fun Lovers to see all the events, parties and trips that neighbors are enjoying that are not part of the Association.   Click HERE to join- its free

moving bikeFIRST POST:

Welcome to first edition of the GlenbrookeNews!

We are so excited to have one, interactive place for all of our GlenbrookeNews. This website is designed with one purpose in mind; to bring neighbors together by sharing news, events, knowledge, ideas and resources.

Not only will you be able to find all the “happenings” of Glenbrooke- including the Arbour Lodge and Homeowners Association schedules and documents, but you will also have links to Elk Grove City Hall, Parks and Recreation, Senior Centers and any other organizations or agencies that are of interest to our residents.

We will have information on farmers markets, special events, movies (schedules and previews), weather, sections on food, travel, health and fitness, fun and games, quotes of the day, recipes, neighborhood voices, business and finance, bloggers, and a focus section where we get to know our neighbors better.

GlenbrookeNews will also have a forum section in the near future.  That will be where residents can exchange ideas, advertise a car for sale, find someone to play scrabble or billiards or start a new group.

There is so much more planned.  But this is YOUR GlenbrookeNews so tell us what you would like to see on this website.  Obviously, the more people contributing the more  interesting the site will be.  So please, add your ideas below.  If you see an event happening in town, or are celebrating a milestone, shoot us an email.  We would like know about it.Because of the wonderful support from neighbors and contributors, we grew a surprising amount each year  averaging 92 page views per day (pvpd) for that first 6 month period.   In 2010 we averaged 151 pvpd; 2011 showed growth to 194 pvpd; then in 2012 we jumped to 262 page views per day.    Thank you readers,  I am truly humbled by by your readership and am especially grateful to those that contributed articles, opinions, jokes, recipes and comments.   You are what made GlenbrookeNews interactive and interesting.

6 Responses »

  1. I'll miss this site, Darcie. After 6 years, I haven't been on the "other" Glenbrooke site more than 3 times.
    Guess I'll have to get used to using it. Thanks, Darcie, it was great and we all appreciate all you put into it.

  2. Darcie:

    Had it been that long? I will miss the source of information published. I am glad that I was able to contribute some articles and comments on some issues published on the GlenbrookeNews. Regardless of what some other people say, you have provided a good service to the Glenbrooke Community.

    While some articles maybe controversial that results in exchange of good and heated comments, overall, it was a healthy exchange of otherwise personal opinion. It's a good feeling to have our "Freedom of Expression".

    Now it's time for me to register at Meet.com.

    Be Well!

  3. I'll miss your wonderful news and musings. I'm glad for you that your life is so much better than when you moved here--because you've made OUR lives so much better with your website. We'll miss your daily report of the goings-on in Glenbrooke. Thank you for everything you've done for all of us.


  4. Darcie and Jim --- thanks for posting Glenbrooke News all these years. I have really enjoyed reading the news of our community each morning. Thanks also for introducing us to anewscafe.com. I get a lot of good tips from this website --- humor, gardening tips, spiritual insights. Even though you will not be involved with our website, I know you won't be sitting still. As the saying goes (above) --- KEEP MOVING. I am still trying to learn new skills, also.

  5. Darcie - Thanks for all the info over the past years and I will miss it. But I will now go to Meet.Com. I can't wait to see your new puppy. Thanks again for our dog listings - See you at Mah Jong - Judie