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Observations last evening | Glenbrooke News

Bringing Neighbors Together

Observations last evening

bocce. friendsObservations last evening.............Friday 24th

About 7 P.M., after getting home from another event I thought I'll take a trip to the lodge and see how the Bocce game is going. As I walked out on he patio there was a neighborhood group having dinner and what seemed to be a fun time. Wandered on to the Bocce courts where games were going on, people visiting, laughing, drinking & eating, actually out of control!

:-)What a sight to see, using our facilities as they were meant to be used. I'm thinking....isn't this nice. No long term planning or scheduling. If you have an idea for a meet-up, just post on .http://www.meetup.com/Glenbrooke-Fun-Lovers .

Darcie said, FOR EXAMPLE ONLY......anyone for an "In & Out" burger at 1 P.M. meet-up today or tomorrow & you're on! Bocce this afternoon at 3 .P.M., need 8 for a game and Bocce Barb (lol) will lead the way. This fits my schedule as I'm not a fan of long-term planning such as signing up for events a month in advance. That's reserved for weddings

.:-)Since we're short on space, this could be our answer. I do realize that as time goes by use of our facilities will most likely decrease as we tire of the same o', same o' events and start looking for something new to do.

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  1. Norma, thanks for dropping by.

    Ben and the bocce club members, George, Sonja, Joan, Maureen and Harold, (I hope I didn't miss anyone) did a wonderful job. The were very patient with us and made it so much fun to play or watch!

    I love the little Bocce graphic posted above left. It really is true we all went Friday night to learn to play bocce and came away with new friends.

    Don't miss out on the fun. Sign up for Glenbrooke Fun Lovers HERE to find out what is happening both inside and out of Glenbrooke. If you have an activity you would like to do, just describe it , post it as new event ,and see who else is interested in doing it. It is free unless there are ticket prices, instructor, transportation or other costs included.

  2. It was so nice to see a group of neighbor's we normally don't see around the Courtyard show up with great enthusiasm to learn and enjoy playing Bocce for the first time. A number of the new players showed poise and actually played well for a first timer. Carol Slater, a regular member of the club was also present and assisted in making the game flow smoothly.

    I have always said that anyone can learn how to play Bocce Ball, because it's an easy game to pick up. Thanks to Darcie for co-hosting and coordinating the event. It was indeed a great night to meet new people and also the other residents I have known and got acquainted with through the years.

    I have already discussed with the members of the Bocce Ball Club about doing an evening of Bocce Ball during the summer. They are all receptive to the idea and I am hoping that we will have an agreement on the day and time next weekend. I will keep you posted.