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Neighborhood Watch meeting 5-5-13 | Glenbrooke News

Bringing Neighbors Together

Neighborhood Watch meeting 5-5-13

Second Quarterly Meeting of the Glenbrooke Neighborhood Watch—5-5-13

neighborhoodwatchToday I met with approximately 30 residents. It would be nice if there were more
attendees, but I guess a low attendance suggests that I am addressing problems as
they occur, and most residents are satisfied with that.

In the three months since the last meeting there were 2 incidents reported to the Police
that happened here in Glenbrooke while there were over 1200 in all of Elk Grove.
Feb. 23rd---There was a missing person report—
Remember Project Lifesaver is a search and rescue service available to any
Elk Grove resident who qualifies---for free. Call 478-8147 for information
if you think you need this service.
March 4th—Breaking & Entering—
This was the day 3 juveniles were interrupted in their attempt to break
into some homes in Village 5. An alert resident called the Police and the
three boys were detained. Three One Call Now alerts went out.
One suspect went running through backyards. One of our resident’s
homes was attempted and the Police were able to get fingerprints. Later the
same afternoon there was another breaking and entering episode outside of our
development and the two cases are now one and the boy’s are now in the
court process. Good job residents W. and B for reporting and giving statements.

Other calls to the Police:
Village 1
March 13th Late night magazine seller who became unruly—police were called.
He was gone on arrival.
th & 27th A car on a street with an occupant watching, walking, acting suspicious
March 16
enough that two different residents had called this in. Police came after the second
incident and spoke with the man, some paperwork was exchanged and he left.
Village 4 & 5
March 24th The orange paintball incident on—11 houses-1 van-1 mailbox—1motorhome.
When residents were not home the paint was washed off—I reported the addresses
to the Police.
April 10th 2 Truant boys in Promenade Park
I have been told of other questionable incidents that residents have seen and not reported.

April 10th You have all been notified about the New STOP sign at Del Webb and Westminster.
We had asked for this long ago. They had said two STOP signs just a block apart
would not happen. We are all so glad to have the traffic slowed down on Del Webb.
Be careful—Many of us have run that one—including myself.

April 20th Glenbrooke had a yard sale—Some signs were not proper, especially those out
on Bruceville—also be aware that people invited into our development for such
events often will help themselves to unattended merchandise. At least one
resident had things taken from a relative’s car, including an ATM card.

It’s mosquito time again—when I receive information from Vector Control it will be
passed on to the Block Captains to send to you.

Please take the time to check your outside lights from time to time, especially the lights
on the address number tile. Emergency crews need to be able to find you.

Maureen Kelly-Thompson spoke about her and husband Ken’s experience at the Elk Grove
Police Department’s Citizen Academy. They are graduating next week from the 13
week course. The class meets once a week for 2-3 hours and covers all aspects of Police
work. The next session will be in the fall. More information about this is to follow.
You can call Officer Hampton at 478-8126 for information or to sign up.
If you would like to volunteer at the Police Department—call Volunteer Coordinator
Jessica Narayan at 916-627-3708.

Application Forms for the VIP Residential Security Checks are available in the “Around
Glenbrooke” Binder at the Lodge. If you are going on vacation, you may want to use this free
program offered through the Police Department. You can call 478-8100 for information.

Jim Morris spoke about a safety product “Window Guards” that he makes fit to house size.
This is made from the same window frame material—similar to putting a stick into the
slide path—but less visible. Price varies according to the size of your home. $25-$65.
He also has a spray available to keep the windows sliding easily.
If you are interested, call Jim at 647-6763. You can see the product in the windows of the model homes.

If anyone needs a “Vial of Life” container offered through our CSD Fire Department,
call Mary 686-3390. This vial is a place to put your medical information, prescriptions,
and family contacts. There is also a national service. You can look it up at www.vialoflife.com

I am attaching information on the NET “Neighborhood Emergency Training” program
offered through CERT. Small groups can meet in the homes and they will teach you how to
be prepared in case of an emergency. Call Marisela Suarez at 753-1952 for information or
to set up a meeting.

Out next quarterly gathering will be: August 6th, 2013. Save this date.
National Night Out will be the first Tuesday of August in the Rose Garden.
I hope to have a meeting with Block Captains to set some committees to help with that
evening’s events. I will be in touch with the date and time.

More Watch Information is always in the binder on the Desk near the TV in the Lodge.

Thank you to the residents who are your Block Captains.
Mary Weatherill—Neighborhood Watch Coordinator—686-3390

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  1. Once again, Mary, thank you for all your hard work in the community. I think it is a good sign when there is not a huge crowd at the NW meeting. It means we are doing pretty well watching out for each other.

    I love that you send the notes to the block captains so those that were unable to attend can get the information - So Important!

  2. lol....TRUE

  3. lol....TRUE, if only the block captains would deliver it to their neighbors. GUILTY!!!!