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GCA Board Agenda | Glenbrooke News

Bringing Neighbors Together

GCA Board Agenda

April 25, 2013 – 4:00 PM
Arbour Lodge
Executive Session-3:00 PM, Arbour Lodge ( Personnel Committee Update)

A. Roll call & establish a quorum
B. Certify Proof of Notice
C. Approve Agenda
D. Approve Minutes of the January 23, 2013 Board of Directors Meeting

A. President’s Report
B. Treasurer’s Report-December, January and February
C. Committee Reports- DRC, Communication and Facilities
D. Lifestyle Director’s Report – Activities and events update.
E. Club Manager’s Report, Approve Shared Interest Group Application for the Quilt Club
F. Association Manager's Report

Owners have the right to speak to the Board. This period is devoted to comments by owners and
discussion of those comments. Except in emergencies, no action may be taken upon a matter raised
under this item of the agenda until the matter is placed on an agenda as an action item. To accommodate
all members, please try to keep your comments to three minutes.

A. DRC Committee Applications

A. 2012 Financial Review
B. Resolution 2013.002 Release of Security Bond No. 5039818
C. Ratify Approval of Insurance Policy
D. DRC Request
E. Transition Committee Final Report
F. Painting Proposals

The Annual Membership Meeting to follow at 6:00 PM; ballot opening will begin at 5:30 PM


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  1. Is there some reason that a Draft Copy of the December 31, 2012 Financial Statement cannot be posted so we can follow when the presentation is made on April 25th at the Board meeting? This is the year end statement and has been filed with the IRS...only an amended return can change anything. Otherwise, if we should want to speak on any item that will most likely mean at the July BOD's meeting.

    Actually I wonder why a Draft Copy is not posted each month...we need to stay on top of our financial condition at all times. Just sayin'

    • I might add, before summer is over perhaps we could ask the Board to consider purchasing a swimming pool Volleyball/ Badminton Combo set for our enjoyment. That is if our pool configuration can accomodate one. If we have to wait until the next 's BOD's meeting for an OK...summer will be over. Of course we/you...lol could always purchase one and ask for reimbursement later. Cost ???

  2. This time change is really too bad as the Gazette list the Board Meeting at 6:00 pm so unless a notice is mail out to homeowner's there will be quite a few that will be surprised that the Board is meeting at 4:00. When did the board meeting time get changed?

  3. There will be a one call I am told.

  4. One call recieved and so much information and different times it was confusing.
    If I arrive at 6:00 pm what will I have missed (besides a parking spot)??

  5. The normal quarterly (for now) Board meeting is at 4:00 . The annual meeting and director vote count and results starts at 6:00. Hope this helps.

  6. Linda, did you already get a "one call?" We did not.
    Walt, isn't the ballot count still at 5:30? Want to make sure they are not opened this time!

  7. 4 - ? 6:30 P.M.? Assume dinner & cocktails are being served. :-)

    BTW....Infomation I have received is that the December 31, 2012.Financial Statement will be provided along with January & February, 2013 statements this Thursday.

    I got a "One Call" at 10:08 a.m this morning. It was a little hard to understand in the beginning....heard the 4 P M. time, but words before that were not clear...kinda ran together.. Those who do not get on the computer may not understand the time frame & exactly what happnes at the times indicated. I doubt that I would have.

  8. Darcie......yes ballot count to begin at 5:30. We got the one call but in past have not. I called Mina to be sure we were on the call list.

  9. Just got our email from One Call
    Notification from: Glenbrooke Community Association

    Below is the meeting schedule for April 25th:

    4:00 PM. 2nd Quarter Board of Directors Meeting
    5:30 PM. Ballot opening will begin - Ballots will be counted by the Inspector of Elections
    6:00 PM. Annual Membership Meeting (Board Election/New Director Announcement)

  10. Thank you ! Cocktails? and its not even Saturday night! woohoo

  11. Changing the Board meeting to 4:00P.M., but leaving it posted as 6:00P.M., on the 'official' Glenbrooke Community Association Website Calendar and Board pages, along with NOT everyone getting a one call now telephone notification of the meeting time change, makes me wonder,

    The only thing I can think of:

    ) They have something they want to 'push through' - their last chance and /or

    2) Pulte employees have never pretended to be interested in the running of the HOA - they were given the assignment to be on the Board and are just interested in missing rush hour (as the President has stated repeatedly in Board Meetings).

    Pass the word to neighbors that board meeting is 4:00PM, counting ballots 5:30 and annual meeting 6:00PM