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Pulte Withdraws Annexation Proposal! | Glenbrooke News

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Pulte Withdraws Annexation Proposal!

annexationPosted on  April 4, 2013  Glenbrookeca.com

Thursday, April 4, 2013

We sincerely apologize that information was prematurely released regarding the proposed annexation of approximately 200 additional homes into the Glenbrooke Community Association.

The result of this unfortunate mistake on our part is the disappointing reality that rumors have spread concerning the final determination following the good faith due diligence process that included Del Webb/Pulte, Glenbrooke residents, and consultants.  This was not the intended method of communication we had planned to notify you that the final analysis concluded the proposal for annexation did not meet the mutually-beneficial conditions necessary to move the proposal forward to a formal Vote of the Members.

We take full responsibility for this communication error, and want to assure you a more formal – and appropriate – letter of explanation will be mailed to each Glenbrooke Homeowner of Record no later than April 10, 2013.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me atglenbrookeannex@gmail.com.   A response will be made as quickly as possible.

With sincere apologies,

Greg Van Dam

Director, Land Development

13 Responses »

  1. This chapter in Pulte's business model deserves to be published as a case-history study in Business, Marketing, and Law school curriculums.

    It's safe to wake up from the nightmare now and go outside to play.

  2. Finally the nightmare is over...

  3. I for one am disappointed in it not going forward. I hope in a few years I don't have to listen to the grumblings of people saying there are too many people in the park, too much crime, kids, dogs, etc. We had a chance to have nice homes across the way, one-story, well maintained and now we will get what we get.

  4. Don't assume the same standards would have applied to senior homes annexed.

    When we bought in here 4.5 years ago the landscaping was nice, customer service was excellent and the purchased price included all the basics - and then some.

    We since bought a larger home even paying a premium for a larger lot, We love the community and the house but are greatly disappointed in the lack of landscaping in the front and the number of basic features that are now "options."

    Just saying,, based on our experience anyone expecting the annexed houses to look like the Del Webb houses will be disappointed. Pulte is cutting corners everywhere - including responding to customers.

  5. I am wondering if Pulte "got a better offer" or is looking for one. I think it will be interesting to see what is really built on that land. Zoning can be changed and it may be to their advantage to sell the land. Time will tell. This could be very interesting.

    • There is an article on the front page of today's EG Citizen that says "City Council slashes homebuilder fees" and the "Affordable housing fee eliminated". Maybe that had something to do with Pulte's decision.

  6. I agree, Darcie, but still think 55+ homes would be better than large family homes or apartments. Time will tell.

  7. Well.. Since Pulte didn't provide the Glenbrooke residents the opportunity to take the proposed "annexation" to a vote, we will never really know if the annexation would have been approved or not by the residents. Pulte will most likely do what is best for Pulte. Sad, but true!

  8. Darcie--I can't believe how little landscaping they put in your yard! They should be ashamed of themselves. Pretty soon they're going to tell new homeowners that front landscaping is an "option"! I hope you're fighting it with Del Webb to get more bushes.

  9. An email I received.........."A return to relative peace and quiet. Nice, eh!" :-)