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Neighborhood Watch Meeting Notes | Glenbrooke News

Bringing Neighbors Together

Neighborhood Watch Meeting Notes

by Mary Weatherill

Glenbrooke Neighborhood Watch-–1st Quarterly Meeting--February 20th, 2013

The meeting last evening was attended by approximately 70 residents.  Thank you to all who came.
Please thank your Block Captains and Village Coordinators for being available to you with information when needed. All 5 Villages were represented. Yeah!!!

We presently have 804 residents in 500+ homes. There are 284 couples---238 Singles of which there are 28 men and 210 women.   61 homes out of the 500+ are without computers.

This is one of the reasons that the One Call Now is important. Those households now have a way to receive notices of meetings and important alerts. Anyone who has changed any of their contact information—Please call me at 686-3390—and I will bring the permission slip to you to update the changes. A signed and dated change  slip has to be turned in before changes are made.
Also, if you want to add your email so you can read the message—call me.

One of the important things I wanted to talk about is that there have been at least 5 incidents of crime since our meeting in November of which 2 were reported—sorrythose who attended I said 1—it was 2.   During that same 3 months time there were over 2,000 calls for service in all of the Elk Grove area. Glenbrooke calls for service were as follows:
12-10-12—Burglary--Appliances were stolen from a home for sale the--Realtor Lock
Box with the key and alarm code was breached—A very professional job.
1-7-13---Vandalism--Garage door graffiti. Reported
1-23-13---Burglary--Appliances were stolen from a home under construction.
2-2-13---Suspecious person at a residents door when the resident had just left his home—false information given when challenged.
2-14-13—Break-in—shattered patio door, ransacked home. Reported

Every crime should be reported.  That is the only way the Police Department knows of a crime.  If it’s a crime in progress and/or life threatening—call 911 or 714-5111.
If it happened while you were absent—non-life threatening—call the non-emergency line 714-5115.
Anyone who wants to look up Crime statistics/ Maps go to www.elkgrovepd.org
And click on Get Informed, then crime statistics. Enter your address, incidents and date range and click on search.

We live in a safe area but there are always going to be crimes of opportunity.    Just don’t make yourself an easy target.  The whole reason for the Neighborhood Watch is to first know your neighbors, and second to know what to do if and when you might come across a crime in progress or be a victim of crime yourself.
Everyone laughs when I tell them to call the Police before they call me. I get calls.  I will gladly put out a One Call Now alert when needed.

There was also a car jacking at Kohls 1-31-12. Always be aware of your surrounding when shopping, look around and notice people lurking, lock your cars, don’t leave valuables in plain sight, don’t leave your purse unattended in the shopping cart.

There is a new program through the Police Department called “Project Lifesaver”. This program is available to any Elk Grove resident who is dealing with a loved one who might have Dementia, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Downs syndrome or another cognitive illness which causes an individual to wander and/or becomes disoriented in finding their way home. It’s a radio transmitter system.
It’s free to qualifying residents.
To obtain the application packet call 478-8147 or go to http://www.elkgrovepd.org/projectlifesaver
You will also need a doctor’s authorization verifying cognitive impairment.   We have a couple of Glenbrooke residents involved in this program.

Another item discussed was the Volunteers in Partnership Security Program—VIP.
If you are going on vacation or going to another home for an extended period of time you can contact the Police Department and request the VIP Service. Call-478-8100.
It is free. They need to meet with you approximately 10 days in advance to view your home and collect emergency information.
You should tell your immediate neighbors and your Block Captain, that you will
be gone and make sure your emergency contact information is correct on the
Neighborhood Watch lists. Also mention if you have a house sitter or relative/friend
checking on the resident and what they might drive.
If you have time, you can become a volunteer in this program.

Again I want to personally thank all the Block Captains and Coordinators. It’s quite a job gathering, organizing, and updating information and passing it on to the residents. I couldn’t do this without their help.
We now have a information section on the Official Website www.glenbrookeca.com Under Lifestyles—Neighborhood Watch.

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