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GlenbrookeNews was created as a way for homeowners to communicate with neighbors,  express their opinions, exchange ideas, post (clean) jokes, recipes, information about community events,  outings, classified or ask questions.  Neighbors  help each other in this community.

Every Glenbrooke resident is invited to participate, but if you haven’t registered, you must do so  before  posting on the forums.  Just send a request for “User ID and Password” to  Be sure to include your first and last name, email and street address.   Once  residency is verified your  next posts or comments will appear immediately.    The only  rules for posting are be civil and respectful.

Each club or group  has a section dedicated to that activity in Forums.

There are also sections for classified, sports, recommendations,  and miscellaneous, etc.   So post your event details, wants, needs, brags, celebrations, remembrances, whatever you would like to communicate.   In addition to the forums,  the website will continue to have the following features:

On the Top navigational bar you will find:

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The other feature, COMMENTS, located below, allows you to post articles, stories, poems or talk about what is on your mind.    Submit those thoughts and inklings anytime in the comment section below.

I hope this new design will be of value to the community without the previous time commitment required of posting daily stories or articles.

Darcie Gore




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  1. We can't go but it sounds interesting......

    An evening at the Governor's Mansion
    With the generosity of Raley's customers, the Governor's Mansion will continue to be open to the public. You can help insure its continued operation by attending a special evening fundraiser sponsored by the Sacramento Old City Association in support of the California State Historic Governor's Mansion Foundation.

    Guests at the event will be treated to edibles by Plates Catering, entertainment by the Doug Pauly Trio and a tours led by knowledgeable docent (including a peek at the third floor restoration). Historian Paul Ivazes will also speak on "How Gas Lighting Changed America."

    The Governor's Mansion was originally built as a private residence for the Albert Gallatin family in 1877. Take a virtual tour of the building and its furnishings here.

    What: An Evening with the Governors
    Where: Governor's Mansion State Historic Park, 1526 H St., Sacramento
    When: July 28, 6 to 9 p.m.
    Cost: $80 (includes food, beverages, music and tour). Buy tickets online.
    For more info: website

    • P.S. I changed the title to "NEIGHBORS SHARING LIFE AT GLENBROOKE" to encourage all residents to post items they see that might be of interest to others.

  2. For those of us that opted out of the Gazette delivery, this is notification that a Newsletter was delivered this morning to "some" residents re: "Transition - Frequently Asked Questions" and "Transition Committee Scope and Application" form with a due date of August 6th.. I suppose copies can be picked up at the lodge.

    by Jim Woolridge
    The pickleball group is holding the Bill Elliott Memorial Pickleball Tournament on Saturday (see schedule and details below).
    For those not fortunate to know him, Bill was loved and admired by all his friends. He was always smiling and kidding with us and talking positive about life. Whether playing Ping Pong, Tennis or Pickleball, Bill played with an enthusiasm and physical ability of a man many years younger. Time and again, we have all said: "As I grow older, I hope I'll play with the joy and enthusiasm that Bill does."

    Our lives are a little emptier without Bill, but we thank God he was in our lives. We're all better because of it.

    DATE: Saturday, July 21, 2012

    TIMES: 8:00 AM - Start of Elimination Matches
    6:00 PM - Semi-Finals & Championship Matches

    TEAMS: Competitive Player Doubles teams to be chosen by Blind Draw. (Non-Competitive and Mixed Doubles to be added in 2013)

    MATCHES: Doubles - Best 2 out of 3 games
    Double Elimination - Teams eliminated after 2 Match losses
    Winners advance in the Winners Bracket
    Losers move into the Losers Bracket and play until the 2nd loss


    * This year's Champion Doubles Team and all future Annual Glenbrooke Doubles Champions names will be engraved on the Glenbrooke Pickleball Club Plaque to be displayed in the Lodge.

    TOURNAMENT COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Jim Wooldridge, Jim Putt, Terry Roeder, Josie Kame

  4. Association News (Per our Official web site)

    July 16, 2012

    The Board of Directors Meeting has been rescheduled to Wednesday, August 8, 2012 at 2:00 pm.

    Attention all Glenbrooke Residents residing on the following streets:
    •Derby Way
    •Peak Forest Way
    •Kennet Way
    •Caldon Way

    Re: Live/Holly Oak Trees

    More info on the Official web site regarding the trees.

  5. Anyone else receiving unsolictated phone calls from an air cond./heating company? We have had three in the past week and a neighbor said they have received the calls too. It's a recorded message and they, as I did on those kind of calls hang up and didn't catch the name of the company, etc. Both of us have unlisted our directory out there floating around in the community? I would imagine that could easily be the case. Perhaps someone else received the calls and more info. ???

    • Attention all Glenbrooke Residents residing on the following streets:

      Derby Way
      Peak Forest Way
      Kennet Way
      Caldon Way
      Re: Live/Holly Oak Trees

      In early May, the oak trees on the above streets were assessed by a third party arborist. It was determined that some trees were failing due to improper installation. This often happens when the trees are planted too deep. Further treatment was recommended. On May 16th, all oak trees were treated with a deep root fertilizer. Some trees required root flare excavation which consisted of the removal of soil from around the base of the tree to provide better aeration to the soil and roots. Typically, soil is removed just wide enough to expose the root flare and create a slope that will keep the soil from falling back into the excavation A total of 135 trees fertilized. Of those fertilized, 44 required root flare excavation. As of July 13, only five (5) trees were assessed as dead or dying. Those trees are scheduled to be removed within the next two weeks.

      According to the arborist, it has not been long enough to see the changes in the soil level from the deep root feeding. It took a few years for the problem to develop and cannot be resolved in 60 days. The best time of the year to provide an accurate assessment on the condition of the trees would be during the fall season.

      With that said, all treated oak trees, with the exception of the few that will be removed within the next couple of weeks, will be reassessed in the fall. If the tree requires removal, the Association will schedule the removal and replacement of the tree at the most optimal time.

      If you have questions, please contact Mina Lacuesta at 916-714-1010 or email at

  6. Trees: My question about the trees would be...who is paying for this since the trees were improperly planted? And are we using the same company to plant new trees? If they could not plant them properly the first time, how do we know they can do the new ones correctly? They are still doing the landscaping for all the new homes, are they planting the trees properly there?
    Seems like they are not a very good landscaping company if they do not know how to plant trees.

    Air Conditioning Company calls: Yes, we have received several calls from them. I just hang up. My number is not unlisted so I don't know anything about where they are getting the numbers but they seem to know they are calling homes that are about 5 years old since they say that in the recording.

  7. Walmart to Open Grocery Store on Elk Grove Blvd
    The 39,000-square-foot 'Neighborhood Market' will fill the old Gottschalks building in the same shopping center as Walmart's current Elk Grove store.

  8. WHOOPIE...aren't we the lucky ones? Most likely have set a record.... the smallest community with the most Walmarts. (3) Heard the PD was going to locate a Branch Office in that center to cut down on travel costs. :-)

  9. The next dinning experience for the Glenbrooke Hole-in-the-Wall group will be

    THURSDAY, AUGUST 9, 2012
    For Lunch at Vinci's 1:00PM
    8901 Elk Grove-Florin Road
    Elk Grove, CA 95624

    Every Glenbrooke resident is welcome and we encourage you to spread the word among your neighbors.
    We will be ordering off the menu and of course each person/party is responsible for their own meal and tip.

    If you need a ride please or can offer a ride to someone please call Susan at 897-2247

    You can check out the (lunch) menu below


  10. Congratulations to our new committee members!

    I'm sure you will all do a wonderful job.

    Transition Committee
    •John Carlson
    •A.D. Dopson
    •Marty Keale
    •Maureen Kelly-Thompson
    •Les McCargo
    •Jeannine Ricci
    •Kathy Schauwecker

    Facilities Planning Committee
    •Darcie Gore
    •David Herzberg
    •Martin Lambert
    •Gil Mello
    •Leo Plumley
    •David Thimgan
    •Bob Wolff

  11. THANK YOU to all those serving!

    As good as things are here at Glenbrooke, I appreciate your volunteering your skills and efforts to ensure things get even better.

  12. DITTO..........could someone post the Communication Committee members? Was able to hear some of the names, but not all. Thanks.

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