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Election Results: Vote Count Needs to be Published

The last election was the third we have had for Glenbrooke Community Association  Board of Directors.    There is a concern about the way the results of the election were handled.   The tabulated results have never been posted or published.   Why not?      It is possible that viewing the tabulated votes can cause some uneasiness on the part of candidates,  but that goes with the territory.

Residents will soon  take over the Board and be responsible for conducting business in accordance with the law.

The  Davis-Stirling Act requires that:

The tabulated results of the election shall be promptly reported to the board of directors of the association and shall be recorded in the minutes of the next meeting of the board of directors and shall be available for review by members of the association. Within 15 days of the election, the board shall publicize the tabulated results of the election in a communication directed to all members. Civil Code §1363.03(g)`

Residents have a right to know this information.






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  1. Results are published and on the Glenbrooke web under Board Room. Just click and view. Inclued are the results, count and recount and this has been on the site since a day or so after the election:

    You will dee as follows:
    You can also view the 2012 Ballot Summary, Ballot Count and Ballot Recount to review the details of the election. Click on any of the above to open up and view the document.

  2. I still can't find them.........

    I go to the GCA website and click on "Board Room" on the left hand side menu which pulls up the drill down tabs:

    Governing Documents
    Reference Material

    I checked all the material in those tabs and can't find it.

    Do you have any other hints?

    • Hi Darcy:
      Click on Board Rome but do not open the pop up tabs. You will see as follows. Then click on results for details.

      Board Room

      Welcome to the Board Room. This page consists of useful information about your Board of Directors, meeting agendas, minutes and more. The volunteer Board of Directors is elected by the homeowners, or as otherwise specified in the Bylaws. For further information about the limitation and restrictions of the powers of the Board of Directors, please refer to the Governing Documents. We encourage you to attend any Board meeting. Below is the scheduled meeting dates and times. Always check the Community Calendar for the most updated meeting information.

      Greg Van Dam, President (Pulte)

      Harold Wheeler, Vice President (Resident Director)

      Kent Sherwood, Treasurer/CFO (Resident Director)

      George Schetter, Secretary (Pulte)

      Larry Johnson (Pulte)
      * * * * * *

      (Board Approved on July 20, 2011)

      Wed. January 18, 2012 - 2:00 P.M. - Rescheduled to Thursday, February 9, 2012 - 2:00 PM
      (click here to view the minutes of this meeting)

      Elections & Annual Meeting of Members
      Wed, April 18, 2012 – 6:00 P.M.

      You can also view the 2012 Ballot Summary, Ballot Count and Ballot Recount to review the details of the election. Click on any of the above to open up and view the document.

      Thursday, May 24, 2012 Special Meeting 2:00 P.M.

  3. QUOTE....the board shall publicize the tabulated results of the election in a communication directed to "all members". Civil Code §1363.03(g)` How was this information communicated to members who do not have computer access?

    If someone who has major computer experience can't find them, then I would say "we have a problem."

    Where can I find the 2012 Resolutions?

    If "Tabs" serve no purpose, then why do we have them?

  4. Thanks Walt! I feel sheepish in that I always have used the drill down tabs which cover a portion of that page. I never would have found them without your help.

    I agree with Norma, I was under the impression the Gazette was the "official" form of communication. That's why residents volunteer to deliver it to EVERY home (unless they opted out).

    There are many without computers and many that never go to the lodge to look at the bullentin board. That's why the board resolved that the Gazette was the official form of communication. It seems it needs to be published for all members.

    • Agree but as you mention there are folks who opt out of the Gazette too (I help with monthly delveries)and I believe that also opts them out of other "official" door to door deliveries but may be wrong.

      The web site really needs updating and that is a charge of the Communications Committee that (fortunately or unfortunately) my wife is a new member of. They are working on getting the site updated over the next several months.

      As to Norma's questions those are best directed to either Kent or Harold as Board members in my opinion.

  5. LOL....HINTS? Is that the process we use now on the Official web site? :-)

    Why are the Minutes for anything prior to 2011 missing? If memory serves me correctly as to the month, some time ago I tried to find the October, 2010 Minutes, but they were missing.

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