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Facilities Planning Committee Seeks New Members

FPACThe Facilities Planning  Committee (FPAC) is recruiting new members.      There are two current vacancies due to the resignation of David Thimgan. and the passing of Martin Lambert.     

The FPAC is an ad hoc Committee, appointed by the Board of Directors.   The Committee Goal is to, “In an open fashion, consider how the common assets of Glenbrooke may be efficiently and effectively used both now and in the future.”

If you are interesting in serving on this committee,  please pick up an application either at the Arbour Lodge office or you may download it from the Glenbrooke Community Association (GCA) website under the forms section.

The committee meets once a month and serves at the pleasure of the Board of Directors.


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  1. and the deadline date is.....seems requirements are pretty stiff! Having only been involved in residential construction, financing, planning, contracts & accounting, that pretty much leaves me out. Have never touched on anything regarding "facilities planning." That would be a tough one. lol .


    1. If you are retired, please give your job title and brief description of your position(s) in the 10 years prior, especially as it relates to facilities planning and development responsibilities. Please detail other reasons for your interest.

    2. Please indicate specific activities involving your participation in planning
    committees or boards, especially as it relates to architecture, engineering, or construction.

    3. If you have been involved in specific development projects, please detail below.

  2. Sounds like another unannounced agenda and objective is pending, given the recruiting requirements set by the current Board.

  3. I believe our CCR's state that the Board appointments the Chairperson and he or she selects members of the committee. Is the Board choosing not to follow their own CCR's???

  4. I found this article in the Gazette very confusing....."Association News
    Thoughts from Your Board By: Harold Wheeler."

    Speaking for myself...........I want those items placed on the Agenda with a full explanation under each item that is to be covered. Informal discussions among Directors does not have a place in the Gazette where we do not have an opportunity to respond. That is exactly how rumors and misinformation is started and can have an undesired result. Just like the statement ".More information and a formal date and time notification for the meeting has gone out recently." I'm sure you meant in this Gazette, but that is not what was least I did not receive any notification recently. Just sayin'

  5. The Board adopted Resolution 2012.006, dated October 16, 2012 which empowered themselves to charter the committee and to select the committee members from nominees. This action was taken consistent with the facilities expansion issues regarding annexation that the elected Board members were witholding knowledge of at the time.

  6. Another way around our by-laws to circumvent Article 10. That's ok the Communications Committee is now starting a turf war and seeking input on the facilities when the Facilities Planning Committee already decided to wait until a year after we are built out. Guess the Communications Committee didn't like their decision and want a second opinion.

  7. In my opinion, the communications committee has become an increasingly dubious entity, more responsive to the Board than the residents.

  8. I believe you are right.....not exactly what the late Bill Elliot had in mind when he passed the petition around for our signatures. At least that was my take in the many converations I had with him and others in the community. There are some on the Comm. Comm. that are well aware of the reason for this committee. IMO, this is a process that comes under the Facilities Comm. actions after the committee is fully occupied and they so choose. Whatever date that is, which is unknown at this time.

    "A turf war?" Really? We're only 30+ days into a Transition & election, how quick those promises fade.

    A community that had so much fun at a recent lunch, playing bocce, neighborhood group dinner on the patio and much more. Where we help and support our neighbors in time of need, hug and wish each other well, Laugh, cry and joke in the street and over the fence. Shame...shame on us if we allow this to happen in our community, I thought we were above such petty actions. If this is as I am reading, there will be no suggestions from this person. Don't play those games! JMHO

  9. Gosh, I thought like Norma ,in that we were making great progress in all areas.

    The next Facilities Planning Committee meeting is June 6th at 3:00PM. All members are welcome to attend, public comment the first 15 minutes.

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