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Facilities Planning Advisory Committee (FPAC)

FPACDisclaimer: these are my notes from the meeting and are not to be viewed as official minutes -ed. 

The  Facilities Planning Advisory Committee (FPAC)  met on Thursday.      The last meeting was held in December.   Three meetings were cancelled in January  as there was no response from Pulte regarding their proposed annexation.  The FPAC put everything "on hold" pending the action taken on the proposal.     However, as the weeks turned into months  the committee decided to schedule a meeting  for April 4, 2013 to proceed with business.    The timing of the meeting was  serendipitous.  Rumors had started  circulating the previous day that  Pulte  was withdrawing the proposal to annex approximately 220 homes.

The first order of business on the agenda was an update on the annexation.

GCA members were advised  via One Call Now  on April 3, 2013   Pulte  officially would not proceed with plans to annex to Glenbrooke.  But the only explanation was that  the annexation "did not meet the mutually-beneficial conditions necessary to move the proposal forward to a formal Vote of the Members."

Mr. Sherwood explained he spoke to the Pulte's regional director and was told that the annexation just didn't 'pencil out'.   They did not respond to our list of amenities submitted to them - saying they didn't want to offend us with a counter-proposal.    There were barriers to providing access to Glenbrooke via  bridge over Whitelock including some potential wetland issues,  classic valley oaks, a major electrical line that is encased in concrete.  They mentioned difficulty in relocating pickleball courts.      Pulte plansto build single family homes on that land.    As mentioned above, timing is everything and the real estate market has vastly improved from previous years.   The official letter  states "....and want to assure you a more formal – and appropriate – letter of explanation will be mailed to each Glenbrooke Homeowner of Record no later than April 10, 2013."

Facility Use Discussion

a) Outside rentals of Arbour Lodge -  After lively discussion,  the issue of renting the Lodge to outside parties is a policy issue and will be referred to the Boardf.Is it time to re-evaluate the cost versus benefits of  renting out the lodge?   The committee felt this is a matter of policy therefore FPAC refers this issue to the GCA Board for consideration.

b) The appropriateness of renting the facility to vendors for the purpose of selling goods or services residents was discussed again is was determined that policy issues belong with the Board.

c) parking at Lodge: recommend to staff the rental contracts limit parking to east side of building (or street) to allow residents access to handicap and west side parking lot during private party rentals.

d) bike rack;  install in front of pickleball courts as soon as possible

e) solar pool - report to board to recommend hiring an impartial engineer/professional to establish  specifications/requirements of solar heating for our particular situation.  C  One vendor gave a presentation to FPAC regarding solar heating for the pool.      The vendor determined the specifications needed.    FPAC felt that  if we want to proceed  (based on cost vs. benefit).   The requirements and specifications should be developed for our site and used to solicit three bids.    Refer information to Board.

d) pool equipment covering:   Mr. Thigman recommended vendor to Ms. LaCuesta - unsure of status as Ms. La Cuesta's  was absent.

f) large tables: discussion regarding the flexibility, of the larger round tables, storage, ease of setup and takedown. F No action taken.

g) dedicated outdoor circuit for vending machine; MINGLES had in the past proposed installing a vending machine for water, drinks.  Location and amperage for electrical outlets needs to be identified.  FPAC will request additional information from representatives of  MINGLES to clarify  and answer questions.

6. Other - follow-up  discussion on safety  issues for staff at night.   Staff reported issue resolved citing the security cameras, mirror for front door and locking outside doors at dark.

7. Next Meeting  May 9, 2013 at 3:00PM

8. Adjourn  4:30PM

Members of the FPAC are  David Thigman, Gil Mello, Kent Sherwood, Bob Wolf, Martin Lambert, Erin Bear Darcie Gore,and  David Herberg


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  1. Thank you for the update. Were ceiling fans discussed? When will they be installed?

  2. No but we will be looking at the list of things submitted to Pulte. I will put the ceiling fans on the agenda for next meeting.

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