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Is it time to re-evaluate lodge rentals? Three issues to consider. Please provide feeback by voting in the poll or commenting | Glenbrooke News

Bringing Neighbors Together

Is it time to re-evaluate lodge rentals? Three issues to consider. Please provide feeback by voting in the poll or commenting

elderly lady

Editor's note: since this piece was posted,  I have added three polls for the three issues.   The poll is anonymous,and non- scientific, but it will provide quick feedback.  The poll will only accept one vote per computer IP address for each  question.  

As we are moving to a resident controlled HOA,  I can't help but think the time is right to re-evaluate how our lodge is used.   Maybe it is just me, what do you think of these three issues?

First,  do we really need to invite salespeople into the our community?

It seems particularly in poor taste to sell access to a senior  population (some quite vulnerable) in exchanged for a  free snack.    We  know there is no such thing as a free  lunch, or  dentist service, attorney services, solar panels,  sunscreens, landscaping,  etc.   The event can be thinly veiled as  'meet your neighbor with wine and cheese'  'Casino night' or whatever,  but the truth is  those 'sponsors' are here to make money from us.    They don't spend money unless it makes more for them in return.   Personally, I would rather pay full fare  and know  there are no strings attach or hidden agendas.    

A sad story.   One lady was telling me how she fell for one of the sponsored sales presentations.  She didn't need it,  her children were upset with her that she bought it, but since her neighbor bought in and trusted him,  she thought she doing the right thing.  The result was losing some of her retirement nest egg.

At the very LEAST these should be clearly billed as sales events - not to be confused with a social affair.    

Do you agree or disagree that Sales People should have access the neighborhood?

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party messSecond,  should we be renting the Arbour Lodge to private parties? 

From all accounts, the HOA is doing fine financially, has adequate reserves for repair/replacement and even a capital improvement fund.    Renting the Arbour Lodge to outside parties exposes the HOA (and remember that is every homeowner in Glenbrooke) to increased liability risks,  wear and tear, cleaning, etc.   It is doubtful the rental amount covers the time it takes staff to book it, complete the paper work,  set up chairs and tables, tear down, pay for heating/cooling, lights,  restroom supplies, etc.    Private parties also take the lodge use away from the owners and impact parking.

For example,  one Saturday  night the ballroom was rented out to a large outside group.  Now, I try to ride my bike whenever possible but health dictates if it's possible on any given day.   That Saturday, the bike was not an option.   I drove to the lodge.  Not only was there no handicap parking available, the entire west parking lot was full.   It is very difficult for one with  limited mobility (due to pain, breathing problems, joints,etc.) to park on the EAST side of the building.   There is no handicap ramp on that side other than the one that goes into the rented out ballroom.     That means a resident has to navigate the curb and steps or walk all the way around (which is significant when every breath or step is painful or tiring).

If we continue to rent our facilities,  renters should be directed to  park in the EAST side parking lot only or the street.     On the night mentioned above, there were several cars that entered the west lot and left when they could not find a space.   So not only did the  private rental impact the use of ballroom and restrooms  but homeowners - that pay for use of lodge - were not able access it.        In addition  this particular party smoked at the entrance to the lodge and left butts all over, did not stay in ballroom.  Kids spilled  ice cream and cake on the carpeting and the entrance.

Do you agree or disagree with renting the lodge to outside parties (not residents)

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closedThird,   why are we kicking out homeowners for vendors?    

This goes against the homeowners right to use facilities as defined in our governing documents and the priority use hierarchy guidelines established.

As a group leader,  I first became aware we would not be able to meet for our regular game on April 10th when I read this paragraph in the Gazette,  "In order for the businesses to set up/take down on the day of the business fair, all Fitness Classes and Group Activities that normally take place inside the Arbour Lodge will be cancelled on Wednesday, April 10."

So  on April 10th, dozens  of residents that participate  in the fitness class, bridge players, Mah Jongg players and the large Mexican Train group are kicked out of the lodge - so vendors can have access to our pocketbooks for 3 hours.      Do we really need  free samples, magnets and availability to more STUFF to buy.   Seems that if we really need something we can buy it local or order it online and have it delivered to our door!

It seems foolish that we are talking about the need  to enlarge our facilities while at the same time we rent facilities to outsiders so we are unable to use it.

Should apprioved clubs that have the room reserved, be kicked out for vendor events?

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10 Responses »

  1. I did appreciate receiving the knowledge about the Solar panels which came as part of one of those sales presentations but I do agree that they should all be clearly labeled as a sales presentation.
    I agree we should not rent out our facilities to outside parties and if any residents rent the ballroom and leave a mess they should be billed for the clean up and not be allowed to rent it again. They should not get to come back if their party does not follow the rules as well.
    I also have trouble if there is no parking. I cannot step up or down from a curb so if I can't get to a ramp I can't navigate so I agree with that issue as well.
    And the regularly scheduled group meetings should not be cancelled for events unless it was some kind of emergency information that needed to be shared. That is why you schedule your time, to protect that time frame for your activity.
    Of course if our lodge was larger this might not be such a problem.
    Thanks for always thinking of our rights and trying to protect them.

  2. The same solar company has also solicited door to door to pitch their product. This community is a target market-- whether you go to them or they come to you, sales promotions will find a way to reach you. Sadly, so does the criminal element.

    For the past 5 years, this community has had little recourse under the corporate-capitalist driven control of the Board. Lodge rentals, for example, were never put to vote before the residents. Nor were many of the other management practices currently in place, aside from those regulated by law.

    Residents at-large have been restricted to speak to the Board a total of 12 minutes a year. HOA dues total $1,850 a year, per the Del Webb/Glenbrooke website. So does $154.17 per minute of talk-time sound like a fair deal?

    Speak up, speak out, and consider the source or nothing will change corporate profiteering at resident's expense.

  3. Really would like to get more feedback from residents before the next FPAC. Maybe I will post a survey poll tonight when I have some time. Please comment or vote when the poll as we respresent the entire community and as I said, It might just be a few opinions.

  4. I found out recently that if I want to rent the ballroom for a event, say a reception after my relative died, if the relative is not a Glenbrooke resident, then I, as a resident, have to pay the non-resident fee to rent the room. If that is true, what's with that? I am the resident and should be able to rent it at the resident rate no matter who the "guest of honor" is. Just my thought.

  5. I have noticed this before, but in checking the current schedule of events for April I find that we're having a "Down & Out Tax Day Lunch in the “Soup Kitchen" on the 15th (are they trying to tell us something?) and a Yard Sale on the 20th. That's it!

    Now the Vendor list of events for April:
    10th Lifestyle Vendors Fair
    13th Health Screenings-Blood Pressure & Hearing (???McDonalds)
    16th Ameriprise Financial...again!
    18th Solar City......again!
    22nd Kaiser
    27th Health Screenings-Blood Pressure & Hearing

    Now we're paying our dues, maintaining the facilities, wanting facilities enlarged, but look who is running the show and most likely on our DOLLAR!

    I will admit we do not attend many functions at the Lodge anymore...same o, same o , just doesn't get it....looking for greener pastures & variety. As for the Vendors...I throw their trash out every day that comes in the mail or dropped off at our door. Most people at our age have already made contact with financial advisors, accountants, legal, etc. that we put our trust in. Do your HOMEWORK and you might be surprised who and where some of these Vendors are located & perhaps more.

    Of course nothing changes until we take the bull by the horn (my Dad used to say that) and ask for change and follow through. 10-6

  6. Thanks Darcie for bringing these items up for resident's comment.

    Linda the answer is you would have to pay non resident rates because it is for someone other than yourself. I for one do not want the lodge rented to non residents and think it is nonsense when a resident is hosting a party or memorial for a family member they are charged non resident rates. We definitely need to change the wording of our rules regarding rental of the facilities.

    As for the solar presentations - who is receiving the $400 referral money when someone signs up for solar? Is the Association receiving the money?

    Our Gazette is no longer a neighborhood newsletter as with so many advertisements most residents have lost interest. The business who advertise are getting a pretty cheap rate considering it is delivered door to door for them. How much money have we collected from Pulte for their annexation questions? Are we now making money by putting out a newsletter? I don't think as a non profit we should be in business of advertising for vendors - the Gazette is a neighborhood newsletter and should be kept that way.

    Again, Darcie thanks for asking the questions most residents want answers for.

  7. When the lodge staff rents out the ballroom for a private event, where is the money going??? Shouldn't we be apprised as to the fees that are charged from these events?? It is called a "profit." Who benefits? Also, when a private event is pending, some sort of notice should go out to residents, informing them of this, in the event they want to go to the lodge.

  8. When I moved in I was happy to see these vendors. A way to answer some of my New Resident and New house questions. Maybe once we are 100% built out they will quit coming because they know there are no new faces. If their rental helps to keep our HOA dues down, I find it hard vote Disagree.

    (I say Thank You to these vendors for the great Casino night! Best Party we have had!!)

    • I agree Linda. The casino party was fun and everyone whom I have talked about it has said lets have more of these variety night events