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Join us for lunch today!

There is still time to sign up for the Hole-in-the-Wall Gang  lunch this Thursday, January, 24, 2013.   We will be heading south to Galt to enjoy  Brewster's amazing lunch.  They ask that we arrive at 11:15 so our orders will be in before any lunch crowd.    Brewster's is housed in a 19th century renovated building in downtown Galt,201 4th Street.  That is 15  miles from Glenbrooke and should take about 20 minutes.    If we meet at the Arbour Lodge parking lot at 10:30 that will give us plenty of time to arrange carpools and get the party started!
The lunches are large - you may want to split one with a friend or plan on leftovers.  We will be ordering off the menu with separate checks.  Price ranges $10- $13.  Brewster's accepts cash, check or credit cards.  They feature, steak, pasta, sandwiches,soaps and big salads.
Here is a sample of one of the many great reviews:
".. was raving about the prime rib sandwich dip.  It was huge as we split it with fries and a side of onion rings. The waitress asked how we would like it cooked which means it's fresh. Great flavor and cooked precise. Service fast and friendly.  The decor is amazing for an old building with a glass floor by the bar with a wine cellar exposed below."
The Hole in the Wall Gang is an informal group of Glenbrooke Residents that like to dine out and try different restaurants. All residents and their guests are welcome.   If you would like to be on the email list or are planning on going to Brewster's please call Darcie at 647-6594 or email
Driving Directions:
Start out going west on Del Webb Blvd 0.2 mi
Turn right onto Bruceville Rd.0.8 mi
Turn right onto Elk Grove Blvd.1.5 mi
Merge onto CA-99 S toward Fresno.11.3 mi
Take the Elm Ave exit, EXIT 275A, toward Simmerhorn Rd. 0.2 mi
Turn slight right onto Elm Ave. 0.03 mi
Take the 1st left onto N Lincoln Way.0.5
Turn right onto B St.0.3 mi
Turn left onto 4th St. 0.01
Brewster Bar & Grill is on the left

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  1. We have 18 signed so far. Please help us get the word out to new neighbors to join us!

  2. The count is now 30!
    Several have offered to drive. If you haven't signed up because you don't want to drive there - don't let that stop you. We will meet in the parking lot of the lodge and try and fill cars there.

  3. Fun group 4o people showed up, hope some that went will comment so others will want join us in the future.
    Feb. outing to be determined (squeeze in could not accomodate the group :(

  4. It was a fun group of people that showed up today; hope some that went will comment so others will want join us in the future.

    Feb. outing to be determined (squeeze in could not accomodate the group :(

  5. OK...I'll comment. Didn't go today, we've had a flu bug of some kind for a week and didn't want to expose everyone. Had the flu shot and diagnosis is that we will most likely survive this one. So tell me about all the good food you had while we had a bowl of soup. And note.....not a scrap of leftovers was brought back for the infirm. :-) . So, was the food good? Gonna party tomorrow night...flu bug or whatever it is be d-----!

    • Darn...why didn't we try this sooner? Had some great Mexican food and a couple of margaritas...feeling better already. Most likely the jalapenos and alcohol. Just what the Doctor ordered.

  6. For the next one how about Happy Garden in old Elk Grove, great Chinese food and plenty of room.

    The lunch @ Brewster's was great and we had fun.

  7. Great Suggestion Jeanine! Any others? Love to keep it in Elk Grove.

  8. The lunch and service at Brewster's was outstanding. Had a great time.

    If you like Japanese food, Osaka Sushi Japanese Restaurant is very good and has a great senior menu, Priced just right. It is large enough to hold the group.

  9. Another place (in my old work stomping grounds of Waterman and Elk Grove Blvd) was Cilantro's , if you like Mexican (and who doesn't) - they could take 40 people as long as we called first. They are locally owned too.
    Also in the same area is El Jardin Mexican food, although I was not a big fan.

  10. Keep the suggestions coming!! This is great.

    Anyone willing to head it up next month? The advantage is you get to pick the place :)

    All you have to do is contact the restaurant and make arrangements with them so they can prepare for the crowd with extra servers etc.

    I can get the word out through GlenbrookeNews and our email list.

    If you would be willing to arrange a restaurant or if you want to be added to the email list give me a call 647-6594

  11. Has anyone tried PEPE'S Taqueria In the nugget shopping center?? Never been there..

  12. yes, it is too small for the whole group - I stopped in after a hair cut next door one time and their food was passable, I wasn't impressed.

  13. Ron and I had a great time and the food was fabulous. I had a prime rib sadwich that was the best I've ever had! Can't wait for the nest one.

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