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Is our “Official” web site really SECURE?

Just a little confused about our official web site and information that I'm able to pull up "without" logging in. First though, you know those Photo Albums you could get to without logging in...I've transferred those all to Facebook for many to enjoy. JOKING............but I could have before they were taken off yesterday at someones request. That's not to mention the Dell Webb Questions/Answers being available for all to see and questions I'm being asked outside our community about it. Of course that could be through some other source.

Now I'm hearing that many don't like to post on GlenbrookeNews because it's open for all the world to see..........of course I never see full names, addresses or anything personal without consent being given to our web master, Darcie Gore. But on the Official web site I can find out much about many names, phone numbers & addresses. That being said, on the Official web site, without logging in, I can type many different things in the "Search" at the top of the page and find out all I want. Saw where LK was having a security system & solar installed, in November, with Lot # and Village #, saw group leaders names and phone numbers listed and much more. Just type in someones name who is on the BOD's or a Committee and see what you get. Try PG's for instance. Typed in mine and got ZIP! (you'll have to figure out the initials)

My question to some computer whiz here would be,,,,can John Q Public do the same or is there some other reason that I am able to do that and outsiders can't? My next step I guess should be to have an outsider give it a try for me. Not being that computer savvy and all the workings, perhaps there is, hopefully, a lock on outsiders being able to do that. Just a curious mind............

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  1. The Invasion of Privacy Act is referenced in a letter from Baydaline & Jacobsen, LLP-- the attorney firm that represents the Glenbrooke Community Association. Photos and data posted on the website have been downloaded to retain as evidence. My lawyer has been working on this.

    Since the photos can be copied by anyone for a fee, and they reveal residents in a private setting without documentation of their express consent, the Association and their agents who have been taking the photos and posting them may be liable.

    I suggest that residents who are concerned about their privacy consult thier own lawyer, and contact the Board of Directors who represent the Association.

  2. what in the heck was that all about at the BOD's meeting yesterday in reference to the letter served to the BOD's and the letter read at the Boards request and posted on the board at the GAC, which I had heard about and read earlier. Why did out BOD's know nothing of this letter, or maybe I should say, that is what Mr. VanDam said, when it was addressed to Riverside Management Are there legal procedings going on that our BOD's know nothing about? Something about this is just not sounding good. I fully understand you not aanswering, but got the impression this just passed over everyones head at the meeting. When you mention attorney you get my attention! JMHO

  3. If a person or persons fail to exercise due regard to liability avoidance by an act or omission, that's on them. When good faith and accountability are not otherwise demonstrated, the legal system is available for redress.

  4. Well, one more little problem solved that hopefully has not resulted in too much personal information being picked up in the last two years. I'm speaking of the Official web site. Now if staff would please refrain from warning residents against posting on our social web site.....seems their web site was the loose canon. :-) We scream when there is danger of losing it, but have nothing to give in return for all the hard work that goes into keeping us informed and all at what cost to us? ZIP Many have computers here and I have yet to hear many issue even a "Thank You" for someones hard work.

    Now, our or maybe "my" would be a better word, next project. Emails have been sent to Pam @Riverside Mgmt. inquiring about this, but have had no answer. Hopefully she is now working on it or maybe not!

    Are employees vetted through a live-scan process before hiring, etc.? I know the cost is probably $50-$80, but consider it cheap insurance. We are an at-risk population for fraud and abuse and employees have access to resident information and valuable physical resources. That would also include current and future board members. As I have spoken about before...there's that "blind trust" issue that relates to employees as well as our financials. LOL....don't everyone jump on this band wagon at once now, you are being watched! Does being a resident of Glenbrooke just automatically mean I can turn my check book/financials over to you? Just saying...............

  5. How about some of these wanna-be Board of Director candidates start stepping out from the shadows! You want to qualify yourself to the membership, speak up! Address some of these valid issues being mentioned. If you can't step into the kitchen here and take the heat, by god your not worth the salt from a spilled shaker. Voice your opinions to the readership, debate the facts and and make yourself known and start showing your worth. If you prefer to be a do-nothing like those that allows these issues to occur or fails to respond to them up-front instead of behind a lawyers letterhead, then you are not worth wasting a vote for.

  6. Well said....we need a Forum on here where questions can be asked by the community and answered by the candidates. I'm sure Darcie can set it up as she has always done, where names are protected from outside the community. I know we have a Forum that will be scheduled later, but there are always time restraints placed on everything and we need a place where we can ask the question without them being screened before hand. I'm thinking....the tough questions. :-) Thoughts, anyone?

  7. I'm pleased to see that there has been a response, and that action has been taken to address some of these concerns. Those that want to access photos through the glenbrookeca website will see new log-in requirements.

  8. Well, it appears that after a week our official web site is finally SECURE. The day after this post, at someones direction, an attempt was made to secure it, but that failed to entirely secure it. Last evening that was finally accomplished. Thank you to that person/persons! Now if I can just figure out how to access the Photo Albums. LOL

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