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Amenity List Presented at Communication Committee Meeting

 Introduction: The Facilities Planning Advisory Committee was chartered to consider how the common assists of Glenbrooke may
be efficiently and effectively used both now and in the future.

With that in mind, the FPAC started gathering data from the members. Information was collected from the following sources:
a) Facilities usage reports,
b) GCA Satisfaction Survey,
c) Survey of group need,
d) Feedback from Communication Committee meeting with members,
e) Individual feedback or requests,
f) Staff report regarding amenities at other like sized Del Web Communities,
g) Staff feedback on office space.

Subsequent to the formation of the FPAC, Pulte approached the GCA with a proposal to annex 220 homes to the GCA. Acknowledging the potential impact on GCA facilities, Pulte request GCA identify areas of impact, needs and desires of current members.

The FPAC compiled all the above sources into a spreadsheet. Using the raw data from that spreadsheet, each committee member was asked to synthesize the data into a list to present to the Members via Communication Committee for review and feedback.

If annexation is approved by the members:

Based on input received from the Glenbrooke Community, the Arbour Lodge should be expanded by a minimum of 33% in square footage (additional 3,000-4,000 sq ft., 12,000-13,000sq. ft. total) this should include the following:

a. Increase Ballroom space minimum of 33% install partitions to allow simultaneous use of all the space (2-3 additional meeting rooms when subdivided.
b. Window coverings that would allow control of light and privacy (note to members- this was on the data sheet but left off the board – can we add it or not?
c. Appropriate audio and visual equipment to accommodate the large space and individual rooms.
d. Installation of ceiling fans in remodeled group spaces.
e. Electrical improvements should be made to allow for snack/drink machines in activity room spaces, lighting and outlets.
f. Portable stage/risers
g. Enlarged storage for additional tables, chairs, stage and equipment.
h. Additional restrooms on east side of building


a) Size to increase providing efficient design for improved catering functions. This may include additional counter space, storage,
and a serving window.

b) Appropriate sized equipment for the kitchen (ice machine, dishwasher, stove, etc.)

c) It is recommended that a kitchen design consultant be employed to properly design this space.

Additional Parking—To accommodate increased usage. The additional parking must comply in all respects with the City of Elk Grove as dictated by City zoning ordinances.

Swimming Pool / Patio Area
a) Heat the pool via solar. The solar panels would also provide shade over the Bocce Ball courts. A Glenbrooke specific solar heating consultant would determine specific needs and energy requirements.
b) Automated pool cover along with solar heating will extend the swimming season
c) Expand outdoor patio space to run the length of the lodge
d) Additional patio tables and umbrellas, lounge chairs should be higher for this demographic and match existing decor.
e) Patio Shade Structure on the south patio.
f) Structure over pool equipment to protect from weather.
g) Equipment Improvement— replacement of the existing pool filter and heating equipment.

Fitness Center
a) Expansion to accommodate additional exercise machines (est. 4-6).
b) Pulte should provide the additional machines.
c) Men’s and women’s washrooms and locker rooms increase of toilet facilities add additional shower for each. Locker space to increase.

Pickleball Courts
a) Four additional dedicated Pickleball courts with acoustical separation from adjacent homeowners.
b) Include shade structures for both players and spectators
c) Additional drinking fountain inside courts
d) Bike rack by courts

Association office space
a) Increase space for efficient workspace, a small workroom, storage and necessary space for computers, office copier, and other equipment.

b) Alignment of the office counter/window to allow for easy observation of the front door.

c) Correct the problem of north wind intrusion through the front door during the winter and spring months. This may include the construction of a double door vestibule.

Card Access

d) Purchase additional software package to allow card key access to facilities
e) Purchase key pads and equipment for doors

Temporary Fencing—Provide improved acoustical and visual separation between the existing sales center parking lot and the adjacent neighbors until all homes in Glenbrooke are completed.


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  1. It's obvious to me that you have had a major amount of work to do and I appreciate that. This committee was originally formed to investigate ways to increase our lodge size as we now stand. As others have mentioned.....Why is there no talk of alternatives if the annexation should be voted down?

    • Norma. thanks for acknowledging the work the committee has put into gathering this information. We are chartered with looking at current “common area needs” as well as those for the future. However with this proposed annexation, we have been focused on the feedback of the community regarding needs and wanted amenities. It is important that Pulte understand our particular community’s needs..
      I will give you an example of one issue we discussed. There is a need for an additional bike rack on the east side of the building. We could purchase one, pour the concrete pad with the owners dues. However, the committee voted to postpone the purchase until we have the results of the annexation vote. It doesn’t make sense to do it now. If the vote is yes, the concrete may need to be torn up for remodeling. With the winter months, less people ride their bikes to the lodge so it seems prudent to wait 45-60 days before spending member’s dues.

      If the community votes ‘no’ to the annexation, we will follow the same process in keeping homeowners informed of improvements.

  2. I had a simple request to ask for a show of hands as to how the residents felt at this point. Not later with all the sugar coating promises. I was shot down very quickly. Would have been interesting as to how the residents felt at this time and date to compare later with all the promises.. All I heard when I left was the grumbling about bridges, dues, additions...This is a great place to live. Don't mess it up. LG

    • Larry, personally I would have loved to see a vote of hands. However, there were several problems with that.

      1) Not everyone on the community was in attendance and would have voted so it would have been invalid.

      2) If a couple both raised their hand , it would be invalid as only one vote per lot is allowed.

      3) Residents have a right to vote privately.

      4) From my conversations, dozens of people are undecided. It would be unfair to ask for a vote without all the information.

      4) The vote would not have been valid - yet take up valuable time at an already long meeting.

      6) It is important to follow due process so we don’t get ourselves in trouble later.

      Thanks for your comments, I certainly understand your point. I hope this helps you understand the committee’s response to your question.

  3. I wonder where would these supposed ammenities be placed? How much green space would be given up in such a plan? Thank you for all the work done....but it still seems to me that Pulte is getting off easy and at no risk, while current homeowners are going to be taking on the long term risk of such a decision, should it go forward. Has anyone considered an independent study which would compare increased population to increased ammenities? Would we really be gaining anything from that aspect, or are we just supposing it would be better. I'm curious of the cost estimates of these changes? Does anyone have any idea about that? I wonder what the increased maintenence costs would be over time? Any projections? I'm really trying to understand the fiscal implications to all of us....which is not my forte. Would love to get your input

    • Margot, all great questions which as yet there are no answers.
      The next steps are to get our list to Pulte, then Pulte comes back with proposal to us. At that point we should be able to start addressing the issues you mentioned. In the meeting they said the time frame was to get something back to us late January early Feb.

      You are encouraged to submit all questions and concerns to:

      Please share any information you receive.

  4. Darcie: Wow, all these legal answers: (1) Wanted only those in attendance: (2) wanted to know each persons feeling @ this time. (3) They don't have to vote if they didn't want to. (4)Wanted to know their feelings BEFORE the sugar coating. (5) Silly, This was just a straw vote of hands and would have taken 5 minutes. (6) Never heard of anyone being held to their straw vote by raising their hands. Sorry I asked such a simple question for a vote and as you mentioned: A VERY long meeting where most in our section left due to its length before the meeting was over. LG

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