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Communication Committee Information Exchange Meeting

Resident Annexation Proposal Meeting Summary
(meetings 10/31 and 11/1/2012)

The attendance at the two meetings was approximately 290 community members.  Some of those attending the second meeting had attended the first meeting so there were approximately 250 people actually attending the two meetings combined.

The general consensus from the meeting is that significantly more information is needed before an informed decision can be made.  Further, by a margin of four to one (4:1) the consensus is that the community wants to proceed to obtain the needed information.

Information needed/Concerns expressed (in rough order of impact/importance):

1.  Significant additional information concerning the impact of the annexation on current member home valuations and appreciation.

2.  Overall concern regarding the change annexation will have on the culture/atmosphere of our current smaller more contained community.

3.  Legal review by independent counsel.

4.  Final design supported by a binding contract will be required prior to vote.  The contract should specify improvements to be delivered, together with schedule upon which the improvements will be provided.

5.  Initial conceptual design provided by Pulte as soon as possible.  This design should be based on information provided to Pulte by the Facilities Planning committee as well as from Pulte’s own input and experience. A Community meeting should be held with Pulte representatives to discuss the design and proposal.

6.  A signed memo of understanding indicating the commitment to pay for all incurred costs necessary to support the election process including but not limited to:

a.  Independent legal representation for the Home Owners Association

b.  Labor, office supplies, presentation materials, printing, independent auditor, etc.

7.  Information gathering on a variety of subjects such as:

a.  Annexation impact on law enforcement resources

b.  Impact in other communities of similar actions (it was suggested that discussions with board members from other similar communities would be beneficial here)

c.  Information related to Pulte management of city zoning requirements and/or other city governmental issues.  Possibility of predicating the approval of the project to governmental approval where required (such as walkway or other pedestrian improvements if desired by community.

d.  Timeline for initiation and completion of improvements.

Potential benefits discussed:

1.  Annexation will give Glenbrooke partial control over the land parcel right next door. Without approval anything can be done as we will have no control/influence.

2.  Potential delay in assessment fee increases because of the added fees collected from the new residents.

3.  Possible significant improvements to amenities and substantial funds provided to enable those improvements above what we could do independently.

4.  Reduced traffic and disruption due to a lower population base in the adjoining land parcel use.

5.  Potentially improved rate of appreciation on property values due to the improved amenities available.

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  1. Good outline. Will there be an opportunity for volunteers to come forward to help with this study? If so how would one volunteer?

  2. Hey Jack, call me (916) 897-2247

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