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Why didn’t the Board Members act Responsibly ???

Yesterday, I went to the Planning Committee meeting and became aware that Pulte had approached a selected few homeowners to discuss the annex of additional homes into the existing Glenbrooke community.  I am sure this topic will be discussed and debated heavily in the future, but that is not the reason of this posting.

After discussing this issue with several individuals I have a concern that three  (3)  or more members of our existing Board violated the Civil  Code regarding open meetings.  I say this only because three or more Board members were in attendance at this, as one person I talked to called it, a "secret" meeting.  The Civil Code is very clear on meeting requirements and this meets the defination of a meeting.  If one or more Board members excused themself and left the meeting there would be no violation. However, this did not happen.

To make things worse, according to the information I received, one of the  Board members indicated this might be a problem.  They then left the area and when they returned one of the resident Board members stated he was there as a homeowner not a Board member.  unfortunately, the Civil Code does not allow this type of exemption, unless, that member resigned from the Board.

I am concern as a homeowner that we are collectively held responsible if there is a civil penalty assessed to our Board members for violating the Civil Code.  What concerns me more is these members knowingly made a decision to violate the law.  As a thirty year law enforcement officer it makes me wonder if someone knowing violates the law what else is being done that we don't know about.

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  1. Glen,
    Please clarify which "Planning Committee" to which you are referring. I do not see you listed as a Facility Planning Committee member. So, what committee is this and who are all the members? - I would like names please.
    Was Pam /Riverside Management in attendance? She could have further advised that this meeting should not be taking place.
    Your post is very important and we as residents are also entitled to know who the committee members in attendance were.
    Regarding the fining /assessment due to a Civil Code violation, how would that come about?

  2. Jeannine, you are correct, I am not a member of any committee appointed by the Board. However, I recently attended the Facility Planning committee meeting to listen to what was being discussed regarding the future of our facilities. At this meeting I learned that a meeting was held earlier wilth Pulte and a select group of residents including members of the Facility Planning Committee, the Communications Commitee and our resident Board members, I am unaware if anyone from the management company attending this meeting with Pulte.

    To obtain the names of the members of the above mention committees please look at the September Gazette. To learn more about the civil code you can refer to the Davis Sterling Act which covers Homeowner Associations.

    Finally, my sole intention for writing this article is to ensure that all of our meetings are open to residents and our Board members, both resident and Pulte, follow the law. We are all in this together and we all want a great community.

    • I am familiar with the names of all members of those two committees.

      I totally agree and appreciate your efforts attempting to keep us good with the laws, and also your involvement making sure we are somewhat aware of what is going on. Thank you for that; because, obviously there is a measure of sneaky stuff going on.
      So, Pam/Riverside not in attendance at the "other', "special" meeting with Pulte, specially picked residents, which included members of two Glenbrooke committees and the two resident members of the BOD. I did see Kent at the Sales office speaking to one of the sale's people last week.
      Can't help being a little curious to know who were the other "select group of residents, and why them??
      Regarding you attending the Planning meeting - I was just not aware that the residents were permitted to attend the Facility Planning meetings.
      I remember Darcie posting that the Communications Committee meetings are closed to the residents (pretty ironic, no?).
      Is there a place that shows the dates and times of upcoming meetings? The Gazette calendar doesn't. I just may want to sit in too.


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