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Nordic Walking Class to be held at Promenade Park!

by Linda Fukuda        Nordic Walking Basics

One of the fastest growing recreational fitness sports, it’s an easy way to improve physical conditioning, balance and posture regardless of age or physical condition. Work the upper body and legs simultaneously for a more efficient cardio workout receiving up to 46% more benefits than ordinary walking.

One hour classes will be held Wednesday, October 10, 17, and 24 at 10.00 a.m. in Promenade Park. Cost is $30.00 for the three week session.

Do not buy the walking poles before attending the classes. Poles will be provided for use at all three classes.

Instructor: Jacki Elledge of Nordic Walk Fitness

For more information, contact Becky Matson at 686-2465, Denise Rounds at 897-2188 or Linda Fukuda at 897-2228.


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  1. Great to have a "new" adventure here in Glenbrooke. Will be a great introduction to Nordic Walking, teaching us the pros and cons in walking and the types of poles to purchase. Perhaps even lead to a walking group being formed or just strike out on our own time. The problem...can I do this? I've walked with wrist weights,,,guess we'll see if I can get my body to coodinate with the swing of the poles. :-) Thanks for arranging this! Introduction to Jacki Elledge..........

  2. WHOOPS.........didn't mean "pros and cons," should be "correct form."

  3. REMINDER.............First class is tomorrow, October 10th at 10 a.m.

  4. Curious...I missed the first class due to a Drs. appointment. Is it possible to take the next two classes...thinking it might interupt the flow of the class though. BTW, I saw some walking sticks at Tuesday Morning last week, maybe $ 19.99. ?? Pretty cheap so might not last long or be heavy enough.

  5. I talked with Jacki this afternoon and she said "please come". The more the merrier!

  6. Don't buy the poles. Jacki will have some for you to use at the class.

  7. Good idea and I may flunk out anyway. :-)

  8. Loved this class! We walk each evening, but what a better workout without feeling like I was working harder, a full-body workout and in the same time. It would be wonderful if Jackie E. could come to the lodge and maybe show a film & demo as I think many would enjoy Nordic Walking. There's just that $$$ for use of the facilities that poses a problem. Oh well, just a thought. There is also the need to purchase the Nordic poles, maybe $ 79.00 - $ 200.00 from info I gathered.

  9. Another fun morning and good workout, but.............when I got home my husband wanted to make a Mel Dog run, meaning I just wasted my time. You all know what that place does to you---erases maybe a weeks worth of workouts.

    Anyway, for those of you who missed the last three weeks Jackie will be back next Wednesday at 10 a.m. for any newbies who want to Meetup with a group of "fun people" and Nordic Walk. Perhaps Linda/Becky or Denise will be posting more about this and also verify time and date.

    OK, just remembered something...our residents who are still in the workforce and get left out of everything. If enough are interested, maybe she will come here on a Saturday and do lessons. Maybe some of us will check it out and see what she says. Maybe not the best time of year to start though....just a thought! One thing about it though, you won't be getting all hot and sweaty. :-)

  10. NOTICE....Nordic Walking Class has been cancelled for Wednesday @ 10 A.M. due in part because of the meeting scheduled at the Lodge for all residents. Most have probably been called if phone numbers were available. If/when there is a rescheduling it will be posted here. Appreciate this being arranged by Linda, Becky & Denise and they have conveyed their thanks for our participation. Any questions, call Linda F....her phone number is in the directory.

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