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Communication Committee Satisfaction Survey

By now everyone should have received a satisfaction survey from the Communications Committee.        We are instructed to fill it out and drop it in the box in the Arbour Lodge.       Or you are encouraged to fill it out on-line at

The only problem is the inability to log on to the site to complete the survey.     A number of residents have brought up this issue.   It wasn’t until today I sat down ready to complete my survey.    Guess what?    I couldn't log in either.

When Jim came home I asked him about the survey.  He said he completed his online just fine.  I tried to log in again and showed him the page I got with no place to use a log in number.      Great problem solver that he is,  he pointed out that I did not type the URL address correctly.     There is a letter S between survey monkey. com and Glenbrooke 2012.      Did you see it?    Maybe that it what others are doing wrong.

Let us know here if you have been unsuccessful in logging in and if that helped or not.


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  1. I had trouble logging in until Linda H. sent me a link. We completed Glen's survey and when I tried to complete mine, it would not allow a second entry. I gave up as it is just not worth the hassle.

  2. There was a typo in the link given above, which I have fixed...

  3. RoseAnn, try clicking on the link above and it should take you to the survey.

  4. I had wondered how the site would be able to identify that the ID Code number being used is a one vs two resident household and accept the second survey. May have to do one manually and the other online...hardly worth the effort IMO. Plus that would be extra work for the committee in checking that there are no duplicates. Seems one per household should have covered it....

    Not only that, but if one of you is "Very Satisfied" and the other is "Very Unsatisfied" that ='s NEUTRAl. Easy enough!

  5. We were able to complete our two on line.

  6. I share your technology frustration, everyone! I just had a 5 paragraph answer typed in here, hit the submit button, and discovered that I forgot to enter my name and email address. When I came back to the page, my answer was all gone! However, thanks to all of you for doing what you have to to get your survey results in and I'll try to help you troubleshoot.

    First, I would recommend that you try the link that Glen has posted above. If that doesn't work, here are a few hints:
    You may have a search box (usually has a magnifying glass or -google- or -bing nearby) in our browser. You will not get to the survey website by typing the address in the search box. It must be entered into the address bar (usually at the very top of your browser page.)
    Make sure that you include the /s/ between -surveymonkey- and -glenbrooke2012.
    Don't put any spaces in the web address. for instance, between glenbrooke and 2012.

    If you do turn in a paper survey, please remember that only comments that are written in the comment area will be entered into the system. If the question choice is 1 to 2 times per month and you write in only in the summer, your answer will be recorded as 1 to 2 times a month.
    Also, I apologize to those residents who have resided here between 2 and 3 years. Please check the 1 to 2 years box on the resident information page, and we'll know that it really includes 1 to 3 years when it comes time to download the survey results.
    And Norma, the Committee won't have to manually check for duplicates. We can do that by computer when the results are downloaded. We'll be able to count the number of homes who responded by counting unique ID codes, and that allows everyone in the household to have their say. As far as cancelling each other out, that will happen if we average the answers, but if we count the answers, we may find out that 10% of the respondents were unsatisfied, 80% were neutral, and 10% were satisfied. That's different than averaging out that 100% were neutral.
    Please remember that this is not a vote! I will be shocked if any of the categories or questions will have a majority of residents rating any one question or category as unsatisfied, but that doesn't mean that those responses are not significant or important. This is only one tool that the Board of Directors can look at and see the areas where they need to investigate further and study more.

    • Thanks for your comments Linda. We did it 100% online w/o any problems. I sure hope a vast majority complete the is a great way to make your feelings, thoughts and ideas known.

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